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Shell Account

Sorry, these services are no longer on offer

We are not offering shell services, please consider our Virtual Private Servers instead.

Historically, we have been known to provide Unix shell account services on our dedicated servers.

Shell accounts generally have FTP, web and IRC access enabled and are used to setup a bouncer (such as psyBNC) or an bot (such as eggdrop) which will connect to an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network (such as EFnet, Dalnet, Quakenet, Undernet, etc). Shells can be used to run other web or IRC services where appropriate.

Allowed executables are BitchX, epic, Eggdrop, lynx, pine, crontab, ircII, psyBNC and others processes on request.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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all is perfect ;-)