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How do I restart my server - via SSH?

Once you are logged into your game server using your favorite SSH client (we recommend using Putty), issue the following command: "ps x" you will be provided with a screen similar to what is shown below:

PID TTY TIME CMD 26177 ? 00:00:00 sh 26178 ? 00:00:00 hlds.cron 26184 ? 00:00:00 hlds_run 26197 ? 00:04:46 hlds_i686

To restart your server you must kill the process using the PID numbers on the left hand side. Once you have taken note of these, you can issue: "kill -9 PID" for example, "kill -9 26197" and then "kill -9 26184" this will terminate your server. Your server will then restart within the next 5 minutes. If it does not please contact support.

Last updated: 2005-05-01

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