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Checking Bandwidth Usage in cPanel

Bandwidth usage is the sum of all incoming and outgoing traffic on your hosting account, and includes visitors accessing your website, incoming and outgoing emails and FTP uploads.

Checking a short summary of bandwidth usage

When you log into your cPanel you will see a short summary of your Bandwidth Usage on the right panel.

Checking full details of bandwidth usage

Full details of your Bandwidth Usage can be found by clicking on Bandwidth under Metrics in cPanel.

The Bandwidth interface displays bandwidth usage information for:

The past 24 hours The past week The past year The current month The previous months The bandwidth usage statistics are separated by protocol:

HTTP – web traffic POP3 – email that your accounts received IMAP – email that your accounts received FTP – file transfers SMTP – emails that your accounts sent

Checking daily bandwidth usage

You can also view daily bandwidth usage from the Bandwidth interface. Simply click on the link from the monthly summary.

When you click on these links, you will get a more detailed summary on the daily bandwidth usage of that month.

Checking hourly bandwidth usage:

You can also view hourly bandwidth usage of any specific date from the Bandwidth interface. Simply click on the date number on the daily bandwidth interface for hourly bandwidth usage for that day.

Last updated: 2022-06-03

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