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Help! My site is infected what do I do?

Has your Wordpress blog been hacked or your Joomla site been injected with malitious code?

Don't panic.

If you can, the advice is to start again from scratch as this is the safest way to ensure you've rid of the problems.

You could roll back to a previous backup before the infection/hack but this might make you vulnerable all over again.

If starting from scratch or restoring from a backup isn't an option then here's what to do:

- Ensure your website software is up-to-date

- Change your passwords.

- Scan your website for any infections. You can use ClamAV on the server or download your files for a local scan.

- Reach out to the vendor or community that built your website software, seek their advice on how to keep safe and secure.

Finally, always let our web hosting support know as we'll be able to help.

Last updated: 2015-07-08

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Great assistance once again with the few issues I had with my service.